A renown insurance industry professional in the Middle East and based in Dubai, Sadik has spent the last past 31 years building a portfolio of satisfied customers. He has helped thousands of different people secure their financial future. Always committed to helping his clients achieve the very best outcome he has been recognized by a host of industry bodies in the UAE and overseas for his accomplishments. His extensive array of industry awards confirm his position as one of the leading practitioners of his craft in the region.

His reputation is built on his approach to his customers and his incredibly attentive ongoing and professional advice service. His many customers soon become trusted friends and his ability to make the complex world of insurance and investment simple enables him to convey the advantages and disadvantages of the many different financial products and services in a language ordinary people understand. He has empathy for the concerns and worries that people have in finding their way through the complexities of financial planning and always delivers peace of mind and satisfaction. The number of repeat customers he has is testimony to his diligence, honesty and integrity.

Customers have a host of considerations when it comes to financial planning, ‘where should I invest ?’, ‘how should I invest’, ‘what is the most cost effective solution that offers me the best value for money ?’, ‘will this commitment give me the flexibility I need in the future ?’, ‘is this loan right for me?’, ‘what do I do if I become ill and unable to work ?’. Dealing with questions like these is best served by having an expert by your side and no one is more qualified than Sadik to help you make the right decision. Like a reliable friend, he always has your best interests at heart. He has built a wealth of knowledge of the financial industry through many years of dedication and training and uses this expertise to always give you the best advice and help you secure yours and your family’s financial future.

Life Insurance is something that every caring and responsible parent should have. Life Insurance provides peace of mind that your family are protected should the unexpected happen. It also has application with business owners and partners who want to protect their investment in building a successful and profitable opportunity for themselves and future generations. There are many different option available and Sadik’s skill is building a tailored solution that meets your personal needs and aspirations. He network of industry connections allow him to select the best products and solutions with the most comprehensive benefits at an affordable cost.

Maintaining an effective life balance has become increasingly difficult to achieve and Sadik offers a host of different solutions based on fitness to help you. An avid sportsmen he offers an insight into simple ways we can all find a better work life balance that deliver a healthier and happier life ! He certainly practices what he preaches and is a great example of how a passion for health and fitness has helped achieve great success.

Contact Sadik now on +971 55 6242520 for a free consultation and let him conduct a financial medical for you that includes his recommendations on delivering a better and more secure future.


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